Grocery Equipment is More Than Just Lighting!

ECONOFROST Reflective Night Covers
Lowest Cost of Ownership

When it comes to grocery store equipment and the progression of sustainability, many food retailers are also looking at retrofit products like night covers which will help them to a variety of resources in their operation.

Retrofit reflective night covers create a thermal barrier that does not detract from the decor, saleability nor function of the refrigeration case. In fact, the addition of night covers will support the performance of the display case and help reduce overall operating costs over the full life of the product. That's why it is so important for retailers to select a night cover, not on price, but on the quality of the design and the materials used so they can achieve the longest serviceable life and greatest rewards as an investment.

Thermal blinds improve the efficiency of departments as less time is required to maintain and trim displays, allowing store personnel to better serve shoppers and complete other tasks. Without any form of protection against ambient store heat and light, open display cases consume a lot of energy and threaten the integrity and food safety of perishables on display.

Econofrost thermal night covers protect perishables and help conserve energy by closing off the case at night and creating a colder environment inside the case.

For retailers world-wide, night covers mean more than just energy savings; they are a tool used to extend shelf life of perishable foods, suppress shrink and discard, while communicating food quality and sustainability to shoppers. All of these represent direct savings for the retailer and help ensure loyal customers.

Econofrost Night Covers Equal Confirmed Energy Savings

Both ASHRAE(the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers) and SCE (Southern California Edison's Refrigeration Lab) have been demonstrated that ECONOFROST night covers improved the performance and efficiency of a typical refrigeration case to the tune of 36% per hour used. When the thermal covers were raised, the stocked products maintained their colder temperature for up to 15 hours.

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ECONOFROST Reflective Night Covers Complement Good Grocery Equipment Design

Open supermarket refrigerated merchandisers provide unrestricted access for customers however, the accessibility of the case comes with a price. Open coolers tend to have higher horsepower rates, higher frequencies of and longer duration of defrost cycles, poorer coil temperatures and reduced rack efficiency, all of which is an unnecessary waste of energy.

An open display case subjects stocked merchandise to ambient light and heat which raises both product and internal case temperatures. Closed off cases may better protect perishables but the expense of creating a permanent enclosure and the cost of creating a physical barrier and the impact on sales is often not justifiable for retailers. That is why night covers are the preferred option. They represent a cost-effective means of achieving the best of both worlds.

ECONOFROST - The Results Retailers Are Looking For

Rolling down Econofrost night covers when the store is closed is an affordable and easy way to significantly reduce commercial refrigeration expenses and enjoy colder case and product temperatures for improved product freshness and appearance.

The benefits of protecting refrigerated foods from infiltrating light and heat includes product that not only looks better but lasts longer on the shelf. For many produce departments waste from daily produce trim can be reduced by up to 75%. Those category savings easily advocate the installation of retrofit night covers.

Econofrost Night Covers Will Save You Money Every Day, Every Month, Every Year!

What makes ECONOFROST night curtains superior to others on the market?

ECONOFROST's retrofit night curtains are constructed to meet the highest quality specifications for the toughest food retail environments. The woven aluminum fabric creates a more efficient thermal barrier that outlasts and outperforms any other material on the market.

Easy to install and easy to operate, Econofrost night curtains are ideal for a wide variety of commercial refrigerated displays, prep rooms and service areas and food service beverage and sandwich coolers.

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